A Simple guide to the application of our products

Your regime steps are indicated with a marker pen. As an example, “1” will be the first step of your regime.

Apply the products according to the steps marked, a mix-up in the application sequence will affect the absorption of the products.

Apply one step after the other, there’s no need to pause in between steps with the exception of HA Hydrator. For this product, please allow it to dry a little (around a minute) before applying the next step.

Our Abbreviations

  • “X”: Apply the entire face but avoid application to the eye and lip areas.
  • “T-zone”: To apply forehead, nose and chin.
  • “alt night” or “EON”: To apply every other nights (alternate nights).
  • “alt am” or “EOM”: To apply every other mornings (alternate mornings).
  • “2x”: To apply twice daily.
  • “3x”: To apply thrice daily, and so forth.
  • “rash”: To apply on rashes only. Product is to be stopped once rashes resolve.
  • “pigment”: To apply on pigmentation only.
  • “pimple”: To apply on pimples only.
  • “JL”: To apply on jawline only.
  • “FH”: To apply on the forehead only.
  • For unmarked products, apply to the entire face including the eye and lip areas.