A Simple guide to the application of our products

Your regime steps are indicated with a marker pen. As an example, “1” will be the first step of your regime.

Apply the products according to the steps marked, a mix-up in the application sequence will affect the absorption of the products.

Apply one step after the other, you do not have to pause in-between steps, with the exception of HA Hydrator and Age Defy Serum. For these products, allow to dry (around a minute) before applying the next step.

Our Abbreviations

  • “X”: Apply the entire face but avoid application to the eye and lip areas.
  • “T-zone”: To apply forehead, nose and chin.
  • “Night”: To apply only at night.
  • “Morning”: To apply only in the morning.
  • “alt night” or EON: To apply every other night (alternate night).
  • “alt am” or EOM: To apply every other morning (alternate morning).
  • “2x”: To apply twice daily.
  • “3x”: To apply thrice daily, and so forth.
  • “Rash”: To apply on rash area only. Stop the application once rash resolves.
  • “Pigment”: To apply on pigmentation only.
  • “Pimple”: To apply on pimples only.
  • “JL”: To apply on jawline only.
  • “FH”: To apply on the forehead only.
  • For unmarked products, apply to the entire face including the eye and lip areas.